ERP – The Pillar of Serious Companies

ERP Software is unquestionably one of the most frustrating (yet necessary) components in the growth of a progressive organization. Understanding the need, then creating the requirements, sitting through the demos, the selection process and then the implementation will bring many companies to their knees if the process is not carefully planned and executed. Our goal with this Blog is to share our experiences with over 1000 ERP implementations that we have been a part of over the years. Some of our experiences are almost unbelievable and even humorous as there is not too much we haven’t seen and experienced related to implementing ERP software. We hope our readers will enjoy or thoughts and our antecdotes, which will always be candid and real, but more importantly we trust that our years of experience will benefit our readers as they strive to utilize software to the betterment of their respective organizations. We encourage your thoughts, your feedback and your questions and we resolve to build a community of those who realize that planning and systems are an integral part of a successful business.


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